TOM KINDER / bass & vocals


Ibanez SR-505, Hartke HA3500 w/ XL 4.5 Cabinet

musical history

My musical shenanigans began in the early 90’s with a band called Broken Dreams. I was the lead vocalist, lacked charm and generally heckled my audience- good times. Not long after, I received a shot at trying out for another local band called Your Mother’s Lover. I wasn’t a good fit and in the mean time, the guys in Broken Dreams sent me packing for whoring myself out to another band.

I was content at that point to begin doodling on an acoustic guitar and started teaching myself some basic chords. I still hung out with the guys from Broken Dreams often, and they were of the opinion that if I could play a bit of guitar, surely I could pick up the bass. Thus began my bass hackery. Not long after Broken Dreams became floodwater and has been playing together off and on for over a decade.

The opportunity to join Sombrance came a few years back when Rick Mester and I picked up on a friendship going back to big wheals, Wiffle ball, and mud pies. It turned out Sombrance was in need of a bassist as well. I gave it a shot and due to the tone-deaf nature of middle-aged guys, they’re still under the impression I know what I’m doing.

favorite musicians/bands

Hmm… I’ll try to keep this short. Kansas, Morphine, Ian Moore, Nuno Bettencourt, Ludwig Van Beethoven, J.S. Bach, Violent Femmes, The Ramones, Joe Satriani, Ani Difranco. Enough buzz words yet?


Watching movies, writing, politics, news junky, doodling on my acoustic guitar, reading, having a good bowel movement and feeling guilty after devouring too much pizza and hot wings.

favorite authors and/or books

Cliché alert: Stephen King, Ayn Rand, God, (yes, I realize the irony of the last two authors), Demian, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Le Morte d’Arthur, Illusions, Contact and more…

favorite films

Pulp Fiction, Star Wars (yes, all 6 of them), Contact (much different than the book, still good), Sling Blade, American History X, and Office Space, generally any movie with cataclysmic destruction, great dialogue and stellar acting.